I’ve knitted by hand for many years, and still get a thrill from picking up my needles to create something beautiful and tactile.


Over the last ten years I’ve experimented with many different yarns, but my favorite is alpaca wool, as it’s amazingly warm, soft and luxurious so, I decided to work solely with this yarn, and become a specialist in garments created from the highest quality alpaca wool.

My wool all comes from a local herd in The Cotswold Hills that I visit regularly. They are wonderful friendly animals and so well cared which means that the wool has an incredibly soft and luxurious feel and character. It is coloured using totally natural dyes and is dyed to order by the farm owners. This means that each batch of yarn is totally unique.

My aim is to knit products that you, your family, friends and pets will appreciate and enjoy wearing now and for years to come!

Everything you can see is hand-knitted by me, and I’m working hard to increase the range of products, so if you do want something lovely in alpaca but can’t see exactly what you are after, whether it’s a different product or colour please do ask and we can talk about something that will suit you specifically.


A:  Point Cottage

Chalford Hill, GL6 8NQ, UK

T:   +44 7968 186810

E:  joanneknits@outlook.com