Frequently asked questions

How do I order a dog snood in the right size?

To help me to ensure that the snood will fit your dog can you please go to the Dog Measurements tab at the top of the Home Page and I will need measurements A, B and C. The images show the sizes that I need. Simply choose the colour if you prefer something different, I will then advise any cost changes and I will get to work for you.

Can I order a snood to a particular size?

Yes! Just let me know the flat length, when a snood would be laid flat on a table so the finished garment will be twice that length when sewn together or knitted in the round.

How do I order an item in a different colour?

The background image on my home page shows the range of colours available. As they are coloured using natural dyes there are limitations to the colours available but this will give you an idea. If there is a particular colour that you would like but cannot see it then please do just ask and I can let you know if it is feasible. Below is an image of colours that I have recently acquired so you can also choose from these.

Can I order more than one product shown?

Yes! The products shown here are to give you an idea of what I can produce but if you need more than one either duplicated or just in different colours or sizes then let me know and I can knit more.

How quickly will my items arrive?

I use Royal Mail for deliveries but can offer next day for deliveries on request so just let me know if you need an item by a particular time or for a special event. If you need a tailored item then I can give you an idea of how long it will take me to knit.

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